A little bit about me ...

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Self portrait of Cat Trowbridge wearing glasses, smiling into camera, one hand on large brimmed hat in Exmouth, WA

I'm Cat and it's great to meet you!

I'm a wifey, fur baby mama, sunset chaser, ocean lover and always up for a cider and chat!

I have been photographing lovers and families for over 10 years, and I have a deep rooted passion for capturing life for how it is, no awkward poses or forced smiles into the camera, but the nervous giggles, enormous belly laughs and real raw emotions of you in the moment.

It is very 'cliché' but I do have one of the best jobs in the world!

"Fuey is a knickname that has stuck with me since I was a few weeks old, and I can't remember being called anything else by my family, so it seemed apt to use as my business name.
It is pronounced fooeee"

Cat / fuey photography

Get to know me ...

Ok, I want to know all about you so that we can connect, so I guess it's only fair to tell you something about me right?

Growing up ...

I grew up in the English countryside, played in the dirt, rode bikes down country lanes and was often fed worms by my brother! Like any siblings we fought like cats and dogs, resulting in broken noses (mine) and teeth (his), but he was, and still is, my greatest protector and buddy, ableit when not trying to shoot me with his toy guns or stick his bubble gum in my hair. We used to have family camping holidays on the south coast or get the ferry to France, these times are full of fond memories of running around in warm sunshine with my brothers old swimming trunks on, Mum thought there was nothing wrong with me having his hand-me-downs!

Cat Trowbridge as a very small baby crying held by Mum, standing in green field in UK
cat Trowbridge as a baby in a baby bouncer, green grass in summer, UK
Cat Trowbridge as a toddler standing up supported by Mums foot in garden, summer UK
Cat Trowbridge as a toddler sitting in plastic baby bath, summer time, garden with green grass, UK
Cat Trowbridge & older brother dressed up as cowboys, brother pretending to shoot Cat with toy gun
Cat Trowbridge approx 6 years old holding baby cousin in garden, summer, UK
Cat Trowbridge dressed up as milk maid aged approx 6 in garden in UK
Cat Trowbridge aged approx 4 riding tricycle with older brother, country lane, UK
Cat Trowbridge aged approx 6 holding 2 yellow Labrador dogs in garden ,UK
Cat Trowbridge aged approx 6 trying to hold 2 yellow Labrador dogs pulling away in garden ,UK

My loves ...

Spending time with those that I love the most is of great importance to me. I've been married for over 25 years and still get butterflies in my stomach when I think of my love for him. Not only is he is my greatest advocate, he is my rock, my teacher, my motivator and my best friend. He quite simply completes me ... we met on a blind date and I was told it wouldn't last ... I'm known to like to prove people wrong!

Closely behind hubby are the other biggest loves in my world, my kids - these ones just happen to come with 4 legs and lots of hair ... I can't imagine life without dogs; they bring unconditional love and I have learnt so much over the years from them, I would and will do anything for them. Rufus (doof dog / doofy / roofy doof) is a old choccy lab who has so far given us close to 11 years of love and will always be curled up on my feet while I edit. Benson (benny / benny boy / bender) is a crazy 2 year old english springer that thinks he is a human teddy bear and can talk to us, he has no respect for personal space and his favourite position is upside down asleep, but we wouldn't have them any other way.

Permanently forged into my heart are our kids that are no longer with us, Doogie (Mr B / boy), Splodge (spotty dotty / splodgy dog) & most recently Garfield (G-dog / g-banger / choccy boy) will forever be present in my memories and rooted deep within my soul, and have certainly moulded me into the person I am today.

Garfield, chocolate Labrador as young dog sitting in garden in Perth, Western Australia
Garfield, Chocolate Labrador, older in sunshine, light rays around him, garden, Perth, WA
Chris Trowbridge walking Garfield and Rufus (chocolate labradors) on beach at sunset, Perth, WA
Chris Trowbridge holding Rufus, Chocolate Labrador, in water, summer, Exmouth, WA
Garfield, puppy chocolate Labrador, head resting in fridge as door open, Perth, WA
Spoldge, Dalmation, lying with Garfield, puppy chocolate Labrador, in dog bed sleeping, Perth, WA
Doogie, English Springer Spaniel, lying on beach with wind blowing his ears, Perth, WA
Spoldge, Dalmation, sitting alert in garden, image is black and white. UK
black and white image Doogie, English Springer Spaniel, lying with kids fairly wings on him, garden, UK
Garfield, older chocolate Labrador, lying in sunshine in garden, sun rays, Perth, WA
Benson, English Springer Spaniel, lying on pillows on Cat's bed, Exmouth, WA
Rufus, Chocolate Labrador, playing with red kong shaped toy in garden, Exmouth, WA
Black and white image, Rufus, Chocolate Labrador, headshot looking into sun rays, Exmouth, WA
Benson, English Springer Spaniel, swimming after ball in Exmouth Gulf waters, WA

Some why's ...

I got my very first camera when I was 12 years old, an old film red Konica 'Jump waterproof' and it sealed my love of freezing moments in time. Although not wishing to pursue a career in photography at that time it was a big hobby of mine and that little camera went everywhere with me! Roll on a couple of decades and I turned that hobby into my favourite job in the world!

Living in Australia was always been a dream of mine, obsessed with 'Kylie & Jason' in Neighbours and the beach life of Home & Away when I was at school, I knew one day I would live here. So in 2008 when a big change of our circumstances happened we grabbed the opportunity to move to Perth and then to Exmouth, and we haven't looked back since!

With a deep rooted passion for the water, when I'm not shooting gorgeous humans, I can be found out in the Ningaloo swimming with all the magnificent marine life, including the majestic Whale Sharks, so of course I have featured a small snippet of this work within my portfolio.

Lets chat and book a session!

self portrait sitting naked with legs crossed, arms across chest, light beams strategically placed to highlight face
self portrait whilst swimming in Ningaloo Reef, crystal clear turquoise water, Exmouth, WA
self portrait with husband on anniversary, facing into light hubby has arms wrapped around me, Perth, WA

All the lovely feels / testimonals

We would like to thank Cat wholeheartedly for capturing one of the most memorable days in our lives, through her photos. Cat is such a compassionate & warm person, she immediately formed a connection us all & we felt so comfortable, normally we shy away from the camera but she made it feel fun and the kids had a ball. It truly felt like it was one of our mates capturing our photos. So meticulous with her work, incredible communication & an absolute legend!

Rach + Aaron

Bride and Groom at sunset on red pindan sand dunes in Exmouth, Western Australia

"I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to the land, waters and community where I live, learn and work. I pay my respects to them and their cultures; and to elders past, present and emerging."

Acknowledgement of Country - Cat Trowbridge

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